Forty Days by Northern Legend Louie Goose available now!

Thicker Than Blood Music is proud to present Forty Days, a brand new single by Louie Goose! 

Louie was born on the west coast of Victoria Island, near what is now known as Ulukhaktok, NT, to a line of hunters, trappers, and whalers. The Goose family moved to Aklavik in the mid-1950s and has been performing for over 50 years. 

In 2015 he and his "MacKenzie Delta Band," received the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award for Lifetime Achievement. "Louie is one of the best-known northern musicians and is an excellent choice for this award," says Northwest Territories Premier Bob McLeod. "When Louie comes to town, there’s no doubt there will be music and dancing. He’s played a big part in keeping his Aboriginal culture vibrant and has had me jigging Delta style more than a few times. I look forward to doing it again to Louie’s music on my next visit to the western Arctic." 

Louie began playing guitar at age 10 and was accompanying local fiddlers and singers before he hit adolescence. Louie formed his first band at 16 years with friends from the Grollier Hall Catholic Residential School and is credited with mentoring live music in much of the Beaufort Delta region. Louie’s work as a broadcaster helped Louie develop his unique stage persona that has captivated his audiences for over 50 years. 

50 years of dedication to music and song and Forty Days is Louie’s first studio recording and his signature song! Forty Days has rocked many dance floors in the North and is requested multiple times a night during his performances.