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April13, 2021

The Legacies are here...  The Legacies rose from the ashes of Alberta Honky Tonks  carrying  a three generation tradition of Indigenous Country Music on Their backs.  The Legacies cut their teeth in Bar rooms and paid their dues playing five hour gigs six nights a week. Creating music their way,  passing on the song , just like my Daddy told me Son...

The Legacies are: 

Trent Agecoutay - bass and vocals 

Preston Cave - guitar and vocals

Russell Shott - Lead guitar 

Jonas Ranville - Drums

Preston Cave

Vocals and Guitar

Preston is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with over twenty years experience playing night clubs, rodeos, talent shows and Honkytonks. Preston was influenced at a very young age by his musical family. The Cave Family’s Musical Legacy started with his grandparents and music was the lifeblood of their Family Tree. Preston began performing along side his Dad Trevor when he was 14 years old. Back in those days he was given a permit by the ALCB, and he was able to play in the bar, but spend his breaks in the lobby. He definitely paid his dues. Preston can be seen on any given night performing solo, or as a hired gun on both bass and lead guitar, and also performs alongside his Dad, sister, brother and mom in the band Generations.

Russell Shott

Lead Guitar

Russell had his first paying gig at eight years old. He is a 30 year veteran of the Alberta Country Music scene, a second generation Indigenous musician, and one of the busiest lead guitar players in the Edmonton area.

Trent Agecoutay

Vocals and Bass Guitar

Trent Agecoutay has many stories to tell and he learned to craft his skill as a musician's musician, playing dancehalls since he was a teen. His sound is pure Alberta country. 

Trent watched his Dad from a very young age, sit at the kitchen table and write songs. He always had a pot of coffee, a lit cigarette and an old tape recorder. Trent would hide in the next room and listen to the stories his Dad would create. His love of music and story telling would eventually inspire him to start composing his own songs. Trent's do it yourself attitude lead him to invest in recording gear. He learned by trial and error and never stopped pushing forward. Trent has produced two albums for his Father's band Duster, as well as both his solo projects. Trent continues to record himself as well as mentoring new artists. 

Jonas Ranville


Jonas is originally from Manitoba and watched his uncles play music from a very young age. Jonas has over 25 years experience playing the drums, and is ready to tear up any stage from Edmonton to Tuktoyuktuk and every little town along the way!